EU should condemn inhumane refugee camp in Croatia

“EU leaders meeting in Brussels today must condemn and propose solutions to tackle the inadmissible practices in refugee camps in the EU.” Commenting after watching a preview of a video of a refugee camp in Croatia, shot by Danny Ghosen for the Dutch television programme 3onderzoekt, Judith Sargentini, Member of the European Parliament for GroenLinks, stated: “This situation is inhumane. Europe should be ashamed.”

The journalists of 3onderzoekt travelled to the border of Croatia and Serbia to see what is happening on the ground with Syrian refugees. The documentary will be broadcast in October, but the first images have just been released. At this moment, the journalists are in Belgrade with the rest of their videos and they hope to be able to go back to the Netherlands on Wednesday.

Ghosen pretended to be a refugee, and ended up in a camp without sufficient shelter. After a medical exam and amateuristic administration refugees were sent to a fenced off area, under heavy police surveillance. The footage shows refugees sitting on the floor, without a roof over their heads, or anything to cover them. According to Ghosen, these refugees are stuck in the camp for days, before being sent to another country, without any form of registration or accommodation. Ghosen managed to flee the camp during the night, by climbing over a barbed wired fence and running away. It's a miracle that the police did not catch him.

Sargentini is shocked after watching the video: “After the horrible images from a Hungarian refugee camp, this is the second example of how EU member states treat people who flee from war. I think that European leaders should reprimand these countries.”

Sargentini: “If Croatia cannot cope with the large number of refugees entering the country, it should call for help, instead of hiding the misery. That is also European solidarity.”